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Originally Posted by JS19 View Post
You make no sense, herein lies the hubris? Hubris means "means extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power."

Wild fans and fans of other teams are recognizing that their prospects actually are blue chip. Tell me again how that is hubris?

Charlie Coyle

Mikael Granlund

Matt Dumba

Jonas Brodin

SO again, tell me how the Wild's prospects are overrated/too much hubris? In fact, your assessment is terribly flawed (which is an understatement)...first off saying that people are overrating the organization's assets because of Suter and Parise's choice to come there? How can that even happen when Chuck Fletcher had these prospects prior to Suter and Parise's arrival...? Did it occur during your thought process that it was the case?

Lastly, to say "I just think the logic that over-valuing everything in the organization since Suter/Parise signed to the point where you could seriously contend is flawed logic." is laughable when you yourself are ignorant of the Wild's bright spots. I'll conclude by saying this, I also think that the logic of ignoring the positives within the Wild organization since Parise and Suter signed to the point where you slander the fanbase for actually being excited about their future is preposterous...and your lack of evidence and strong words against the Wild's fanbase shows your jealousy. We're only discussing on impartial terms, there's no need to be jealous about a fanbase.
You, obviously, take scouting reports very seriously. If you dig up scouting reports for the top 30 in the last many draft, you will find much of the same rhetoric.

Show me a negative scouting report for any 1st/2nd round pick, we all feel this way about our players. If you think I'm jealous, get lost. I'm incredibly happy for Minny and no franchise (outside of maybe Toronto) deserves Parise/Suter more than they do. I haven't been advocating anything less at any point. I'm a pessimist yet realistic at the same time. ****ing scouting reports, get over yourself.

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