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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
That is great Oh wait, you were being serious? Its pretty clear who the best player in the league is, quite evident in the NBA Finals if you ask me, and anyone else who has common sense.

I would probably feel the same way that you guys feel if Wade left the Heat to go to the Knicks or Celtics, but the difference between Allen and Wade is that Wade is a Heat lifer. The Celtics had Allen for five seasons, and yes, he did help the Cs win a ring, but I think this is the type of hatred that Pierce would get if he left for the Heat, not Allen. Id really like to know what went on between Allen and Rondo, because I keep seeing that Allen hated the guy. Good luck next season guys, you are going to need it against us, more so if we get Camby and Lewis as well (all in good fun and banter guys).
Durant put up more points than Lebron did in the series. He also had more blocks, a higher field goal percentage, and he shot 15 fewer free throws than Lebron. Speaking of free throws, Wade and Lebron combined for 3 fewer free throw attempts than Westbrook, Harden and Durant combined. Oh, and Lebron is 4 years older than Durant, and has been in the league for 4 years more.

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