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Originally Posted by kman22 View Post
Durant put up more points than Lebron did in the series. He also had more blocks, a higher field goal percentage, and he shot 15 fewer free throws than Lebron. Speaking of free throws, Wade and Lebron combined for 3 fewer free throw attempts than Westbrook, Harden and Durant combined. Oh, and Lebron is 4 years older than Durant, and has been in the league for 4 years more.
Im sorry, but I like to go by what you actually see on the court, not just what a box score says. Its funny that you want to use stats to try to make a point. Ok fine, Ill bite. LeBron averaged more rebounds, more assists, and nearly the same points as Durant. You want to bring up blocks, , wow, Durant had five, to LeBron's two. I can say LeBron averaged more steals, like your block statistics, but a a one block difference doesnt make sense. Now, if you go by what you actually SEE on the court, then LeBron is the better defender, the better passer, the better creator, which is why he is the most complete player in the game. Durant is a hell of a shooter, who can pull up anywhere within the half court line, but he is not the better all around player. LeBron put up numbers in these playoffs that havent been seen since Magic Johnson in the 80s, and the Big O in the 60s, while the best game from the Thunder wasnt even from Durant, it was from Westbrook in Game 4.

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