Thread: News Article: Ryan hopes to be traded to Flyers
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07-07-2012, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by DownieFaceSoftener View Post
GMs know the Flyers have a bounty of assets and are trying to get the lion's share of them in any deal. Homer has been great by standing pat despite what is being dangled in front of him.

Would rather keep Voracek and other assets.

It has to be hard for the organization that has a relationship with the Ryans to stand pat until the right deal for Ryan comes along and not get exploited.
It seems like it is kind of like a Mexican standoff type-deal. Ryan apparently wants out of Anaheim and the Flyers want Ryan. Who is going to blink first? The biggest issue in this IMO is how serious Ryan is about wanting out. If he just is unhappy then the Flyers will have to pay market price or above. If he is going to refuse to play or something, the Flyers may be able to strong arm the Ducks (but I suppose so could any other team, unless he is going to pull this crap with any team but the Flyers, in which case I say screw this guy). I don't see a deal getting done though, at least not now. Maybe a deadline deal though, especially if they go in with a big cap cushion.

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