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07-07-2012, 09:25 AM
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A few things come to mind before trying to post a lineup for next season
1) we have 6 natural right wingers, but only 2 natural left..Pacioretty and Moen
2) on the right wing, only Cole is a top 2 scoring line forward, maybe Gionta could bounce back, but i'd rather see a bigger, more creative guy on the 2nd line.
3) I can't see Gomez making the team....he would have to outshine Desharnais and Plekanec in training camp and pre-season ( if he's still around ? ), to bump either of these 2 out of their spots, and I can't see it happening. + factor in Therrien's opinion of Gomez before even being named coach and you have a lose-lose situation.
4) with Gomez out of the picture, not being bought out + Subban's and Diaz's contracts which will be combined for what ? Maybe 5 mil$ next season ?, we could potentially have close to 10 mil$ cap space.....
5) with that much cap space, I can imagine Bergevin working real hard to move players to get a legit top 6 left winger, maybe a right winger also.
6) if there is no way he can get his hands on a top 6 winger ( that's a high probability at the beginning of the season), i would like Therrien to give a legitimate shot to Bourque and play him with Cole, see how that works....I think Cole played an enermous part in Pacioretty's come-back this season....not just because of his offensive contribution, but just by his leadership role, his way of handling himself, ......I think that when you see the old beat-up ,bruised guy keep on banging, driving the net, taking a beating..getting up and starting all over again with a grin, that's got to have some kind of positive influence on you. Maybe that's what Bourque least, it's worth giving it a shot.
7) Now that Bergevin has brought character players known to be effective on the p.k, I expect Plekanec to get some relief from these duties and therefore be more effective on his offensive minutes. So I hope that he gets his spot back as the 1st center and plays with Pacioretty on a regular basis, can/could/should have a great productive season if he stops being given different linemates every other game
8) Don't know what to expect from Eller ????......I love his guts and energy, but he has these brain farts when passing the puck that make me question if he should stay as a center or if he should be converted somehow to a winger, because the guy clearly can shoot the puck. At the beginning of the season should be with Prust and Armstrong on the 3rd line ( again 2 right wingers ???).....should be a fast skating bruising fun line to watch.

So , like I said at the beginning, too many variables right now I think to make a mock lineup, can't wait till training camp

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