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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
There has actually been some pretty heavy statistical work done recently to show that scoring chance differential really doesnt tell you anything that shot differential cant. Ie - over a longer period of time, there is not a significant difference in shot quality between different teams/coaches/systems. Ill find the articles when I get home and Im not on my phone.

Also, in reponse to the question on W/L records in quality starts, I did a blog post using stats to give a season review of the goalies. Not once in his ~20 starts was Enroth bailed out when he didnt post a quality start, Miller actually had a reasonably high bail out percentage. Record in quality starts, I cant remember but I think Miller was right around the league average in terms of points % in quality starts.
I also know a former NHL goalie coach that tracked the difficulty of the potential save on goals against.

I could see it not being worth the work. I was calling into question whether it was possible.

Grading chances and having a Save% attributed to the various chances is possible. It's just a lot more work than the generic stats that are used.

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