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07-07-2012, 10:28 AM
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Looking at Cap Geek, there are currently 14 teams below the floor. However, you really need to look at each team to see if there is a potential issue, even if the floor stays where it is. Each team is in a different situation, but I would be surprised to see more than two or three teams strain to reach the current floor.

If I look at my team, the Ducks, for example, Cap Geek shows a current payroll of $47,064,167, over $7 million below the floor. However, if I substitute Fasth for D-Deslauriers, which is widely expected, I add $387,500 to the payroll. I will add Selanne, again widely expected, at $4.5 million (the same as paid to Jagr). Bonino is going to arbitration, but if I raise him to $800,000 from the $693,000 he got last year, the total for these three players is an increase of $5,687,500, to bring the payroll to $52,751,667.

The Ducks like to carry 22 players, not 23. If they do, they still need three forwards to bring the total to 13. They should easily be over the cap floor with the payroll added for these three players, particularly since they have given every indication of bring Palmeri up from the start of the season, with a cap hit, including bonuses, of over $1 million. Even if they are still under the floor they can add a 14th forward for the small hit necessary to take them over the floor. So, while it appears that the Ducks may have troubles with the current floor, it is unlikely that they actually have that issue.

You can do the analysis for the other teams as well. I just don't know the situation of those teams as well as I do for the Ducks.

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