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07-07-2012, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by HOOats View Post
If you're still valuing Nino as the 5th overall pick, sure. If you value him like a 20th pick with a long-term developmental curve, I don't think it's bad. A mid to late 1st for Leopold would be his deadline value, so the 3rd makes up the difference in the off-season. Unless you all just think that Okposo is far better than Stafford...
NYI scout Ken Morrow, told James Mirtle the team erred n keeping Nino upin the NHL.

Looking at Morrow's comments and Snow offering all of his 2012 draft picks for Columbus 2nd overall,but not including Nino,I think it's a good bet that the isles still value the 19 yr old, as the 5th overall pick.

Snow won't be buying high and selling Nino low.

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