Thread: Speculation: Luongo XXI - Roberto Royale
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07-07-2012, 02:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Cyris View Post
That wasn't a reasonable alternative. The real alternative is to go into next season with Reimer and Scrivens. Is it ideal? No but we wont tear our team or future apart for 1 player. It has to be a deal that works for both teams.

You know it seems that whenever we stop trying to argue over who has the advantage in here and start talking about players to trade we get pretty close but that doesn't seem to happen very often.
I can completely see Burke going to the see with those two, and there is even a chance it could work, I just think there is a way bigger chance it backfires, and if it does chances for ramification are huge.

Originally Posted by Barilkos Ghost View Post
In Philly they booed Santa Claus. Seriously, St. Nick!

Van fans are bad, as are T.O. fans... but it's a whole other level in Philly. They are ****ing brutal.

Regardless, I still don't see why Philly gives up that much value for a marginal upgrade in net, saddling themselves with an albatross contract in the process.

And Ballard, even last season, is not as good as Luke Schenn.
I have to disagree. Lui is a huge upgrade, hell Andre Racicot might be an upgrade. And as for contracts I would also say Lui's is better.

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