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07-07-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Sly Winkle View Post
I think the availability of HD is a factor. Not nearly as much as the ticket prices though. I was strongly considering going to the opener. I saw the ad at 7-11 for a pair of tickets that said it saves you $10 on regular price. Problem is it's $76 for a pair. And that's the cheapest! It's absurd. They should offer upper deck seats for $20-25 and they'd get a much better crowd. I'd be there. I believe a few years back it was around $50 for a pair at 7-11 and they'd throw in free slurpee and Sports Action coupons.

By the way, if you collect Air Miles they have a deal on for Lions tickets. One ticket only costs 165 miles. The cash equivalent on that is way better than getting the Shell gas cards that they previously had available (it was 190 miles for $20 of gas).
I hear you, man. The same seats that cost me just under $190 today were just over $100 5 years ago. Ticket prices have slowly gotten to a point where it isn't an easy decision to attend anymore. I don't enjoy sitting in the corner or ends. If I can't sit where I want to then I'd rather watch the game in HD and my 60in... and the upper deck definitely needs to be addressed. No freaking way somebody should be paying the same price in the upper 400's as they do in the lower 200's, which is the case now.

I'm not saying that HDTV is a major factor. I'm saying that HD is a legitimate alternative and with current ticket prices being what they are it's easy for some to stay home and watch the game in HD

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