Thread: Confirmed with Link: Raphael Diaz Files for arbitration.
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07-07-2012, 04:26 PM
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Originally Posted by rickthegoon View Post
Well, actually, yes, I do actually see it as an extra opportunity. Here's how I see it : if last season, on our piss pour defensive team, the coach still felt that you could'nt be relied on to be the 7th guy on D, and he decided that he kept a regular forward in the stands to give you his spot so that you could skate on the 4th line 6-7 minutes and take the right point on the power play.....I consider that an extra opportunity.....better than being kept in the stands, ain't it ?
That is how Streit broke out and became the dominant point D that he is today.....As for running your mouth in front of the camera....that's a whole other story ..........if he actually would have been right about " having a better shot than other guys on the power play "..........
Anyways, like I said before, I won't try to hide it, I realy dislike the guy, so my judgment might be blurred....
Not a team player, best example of that is when there's a whistle in our own end, ever noticed how often he's the first to give a shove....a the first to run away, so his teamates have to cover his arse....happens all the time......i'm sure they realy like having to protect his precious butt...........ok, I better stop it now, you get the picture
well, an opportunty for what ??????

I'll help you out on the better "shot than", only 3 of our D got PP goals last season
1. Subban got 5 in 81 games (1st PP wave)
2. Weber got 4 in 60 games (2nd PP wave)
3. Kaberle with 1...

oh! yeah! kid also got 3G in the 6 PO games he played with the Habs...

like it or not, the shot we were missing all season last year on the PP : it's him.

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