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07-07-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by kratzbuerste View Post
Pens do not have a single goalie prospect even a fraction as good or ready as Despres though, for example, so that is not the same situation at all.
So he goes out and gets a 1B to play backup, but that somehow is not relevant to my position that Shero will not risk leaving it to a rookie to fill a top four spot on a contending team?

Also, are you linking me to your own blog as a source for your own claim?
My position is that Shero aggressively pursues players even when others may shy away. The blog post demonstrates how the playing field was not level with regard to the pursuit of Parise & Suter.

You also did not engage at all with my second gribe of Mike Green not bringing much of what was lost with Michalek at all. Why is it so much more like Shero to pay another 7m for one more proven offensive Dman than letting Despres break into the top6 and move Niskanen up? There is a lot of money which can go into Sid's permanent winger to be freed up by developing your own top4 D.
See above (Shero's MO) and below (Shero's multiple plans).

Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
The Pens may well add a top 4 defenseman. If they do, it won't be one with Mike Green's strengths.
I'm sure Shero has plans to pursue RFA Shea Weber with a similar strategy, who I'm sure would be the ideal candidate. However, the playing field is likely tilted against PIT in that pursuit as well. Mike Green is a logical secondary pursuit, despite his d-zone reputation.

Plus, if Shero thought the end all be all answer was a well respected defensive d-man (the Anti-Mike Green), I kind of doubt Michalek would have been traded.

Mike Green is a better fit in PIT than both Michalek and Martin IMO. And by playing in a more structured offence with somewhat reduced minutes, his d-zone reputation would surely improve, I contend.

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