Thread: Confirmed with Link: [OTT/CBJ] Nick Foligno for Marc Methot Part II
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07-07-2012, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Powdered Toast Man View Post
Foligno was a 1st rounder, Methot was a 3rd rounder. This trade is horribly one sided. Murray should have gotten, uh, at least three Methots for Foligno.
Methot was a 6th rounder actually funily in what is considered the best draft ever by loads of experts.

This far in methot's career his draft position is irrelevant. He'll be good for us for a long time. Not superstar good but good none the less.

I don't know what you guys expect. We never outright steal trades.... ever, so get over it. The experts say it's a decent move I for one will move on with my summer and party and worry about methot if (and that's IF) he actually sucks which none of us will know till the season actually starts.

Do you guys not anything better to do? Me I'm waiting for a pizza to get made before the big UFC fight tonight and have to kill 20 till it's ready. How do you have so much time to repeat he same things?

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