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Originally Posted by IcedCapp View Post
Speaking of things that will never happen: it seems that all indications are pointing towards Semin wanting term. I don't think any team in the NHL will give him term right now, BUT, what does anyone think Shero would consider a 1-year show-me, and then, if Semin plays Penguin Ice Hockey for a year, gives him his term?

I'd be worried about marrying myself long-term to him, but I also think some of the hate is overboard. Not sure where I'd fall on that.
Originally Posted by wheelz87 View Post
I have a feeling that if we were to sign Semin for a year, he would light it up with 35-40 goals and price himself out of re-signing here.

I'm all for giving him long-term, but Shero isn't going to do it.
This too. However if Shero wants him, he's going to have to convince him that the other GMs need proof that 'he's changed' or is not what TSN portrayed him to be. And that a 1 or 2 yr deal (even give him a NTC), at 6.5-7m, playing with Crosby or Malkin, and playing like he played in the playoffs is what he needs to do to get that long term deal he's looking for.

We'll offer you a 2 yr deal at 6.75m, and give you a full NTC (he might only sign a 1 yr deal). But here's the deal. We want you to help us win a cup. You're a very talented player and things haven't exactly gone your way the last couple of years. You want a long term deal, however GMs are reluctant to give it to you. Play your ass off here and prove to everyone they're wrong. You have a shot at winning a cup, and if you play like you did in the playoffs this year, you'll almost certainly get the offers with term you're looking for in your next deal. That may be here, or that may be somewhere else. But this is your best bet to get the deal you're looking for.

Semin (or his agent) knows that playing with Crosby or Malkin is likely his best bet to really pump his stats to get the deal he's looking for (that's assuming he's not getting offers that he's looking for now).

He just turned 28. He has to know that his window to getting a long term deal is starting to close. At 31/32 it's unlikely get gets more than a 6 yr deal (and not with the $ he's looking for). However at 29/30 he still has a shot at a 7-8 yr deal, and as he's still in his prime, could likely get a bit more. But he needs to show the NHL that he can be a team player and disprove the rumors wrong.

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