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07-07-2012, 09:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Ukrainian was not an official language until 1991.
Yes it was. Ukraine was officially bilingual until '91. (de facto and de jure)

I did just find a source confirming that in 1989 25% of Kiev students went to Ukrainian language schools

Originally Posted by finchster View Post
Official stats and what people report isn’t the same as what actually happens on the ground. I was in Kyiv this May and I can assure you that Russian is the language the vast majority of people use in every day interaction.
Russian or Surzhyk?

I know someone from Kiev, and she's only ever spoken fluent Ukrainian with me, and she's older than Ponikarovsky. She goes back and forth often enough, I'll ask her what it's like living there; but while my impression has always been that Russian is heavier in the city, it's never been lopsided.

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