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07-07-2012, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
At what point, is your gm expected to start extension talks?

I remember reading how unhappy they were about the gm's threat to make trades.I'm guessing their first choice is to remain in Anaheim and get some sort of NTC in their new deals.
Wrong. Perry never talks to the media so that right there is ********, and all Getzlaf said is if someone got traded that it would be their fault for thier play. That it rested on them to pick it up.

Originally Posted by IBLEAF View Post
u hit the nail right on the head there,except burkie's boys are coming home to t.o
Except neither have any connection with Toronto outside of Hockey

Originally Posted by fsanford View Post
Guess will see, if he has another bad year would the Ducks pay him over 6 million?
Yes. Considering Grabovski, zero PPG seasons and his career high is close to Getzlaf's career low, got 5.5 then I have no problem with it.

Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Then Getzlaf should be prepared to take a lot less money than he can get as a UFA, because his performance over the last 3 seasons doesn't warrant a big raise from the Ducks.
Ya on pace for 93 points last year and suffered 2 freak injuries those years.... He has sucked, you are right.

Originally Posted by RyanCallahan24 View Post
Don't like Getzlaf at all. His point totals are inconsistent. And he seems lazy/arrogant. He was out partying every 2nd day at the Worlds. I know you guys don't consider it to be the biggest tournament but still. If you can't be professional with ur national team I don't want u on my NHL team.

Getzlaf is a great player but I dunno. Arrogant and lazy IMO. Would much rather have Perry than him.
I would be willing to bet that you are basing this all on a quote from a tabloid where a bunch of drunk guys in a bar said that Getzlaf said he would beat them up.

Getzlaf is not arrogant and I think it is so funny that you think he is.

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