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07-07-2012, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Plus, I'm tired of hearing this "loyality" crap coming out as well.

1. Nash was on the Mavs before he went to the Suns.
2. Almost everyone who says they no longer like Nash were not a fan of him until he arrived to Phoenix.
3. Nash is not a ********* like Lebron is with that stunt he pulled in that "The Decision" Show.
I agree. I liked Steve Nash before he came to the Suns. I remember hearing (well, reading in the newspaper) that we had signed him and was immediately excited.

I feel no ill will towards him personally. He deserves a ring, even if it's with the Lakers. I wish him the best as a person and basketball player.

I agree with rt in that the NBA is dead to me, because I watch my home town teams, and Steve Nash was one of the only reasons I still enjoyed watching the Suns. With him gone, I don't really feel like watching any NBA next season. If the Lakers make the finals, I'll probably watch and cheer them on a bit to see Steve get a ring, but that's it. The Suns have lost me as a fan for a while.

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