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My collection is by no means as large as many of yours, but I have nearly every Sports Illustrated in the last 15 years (a few were missed due to my Grandpa not renewing the subscription soon enough). I also have ever game program from every game (minus the 1991 World Juniors game I went to) I've attended. The only interesting thing in that collection, but is in not great shape is a 1991 Canada Cup program that I had signed by Valeri Zelepukin and another Soviet player who happened to be in line ahead of me buying a hot dog at the game. I also have several media guides from all over the world.

When I was a kid I figured out how to get a bunch of free stuff from sports teams. I'd send an email saying I was doing a presentation at school and was hoping they could send me some posters, magazines books or anything else that could be used as a visual. I have boxes of the stuff I received at my parents' house. I don't even know what all I have, but I know I have a good selection of media guides from the big four sports leagues (NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA), NCAA schools and conferences and some overseas leagues. I probably have magazines from most of them and every major national hockey federation too. I believe there are some national baseball and basketball federations in there too. I also went weird and had some field hockey and swimming federations send me things.

There's also some autographed items in there, I know one of the teams (either OHL or AHL/ECHL) sent me a complete team autographed picture. I also have a Coach K (Duke basketball head coach) autographed picture in there. It was a neat thing to do as a kid, I feel slightly guilty now since I wasn't actually doing a project but when you're 11 or 12 that doesn't cross your mind. I also feel bad for my mailman since there were days he'd bring me 15-20 11X14 envelopes full of stuff.

The funniest thing about my "project" was that most of the teams I actually cheered for didn't send me anything. I know the Kings never sent me anything back nor did the San Francisco 49ers. I'm pretty sure the Orlando Magic and Montreal Expos sent me some things though. But at any rate, it was a fun thing to do and I spent hours emailing teams and was fun getting packages from all over the world.

One of these days I will have to go through the stuff and see what's there. My parents are threatening to throw it out if I don't move it out of their basement.

I'm also trying to collect as much stuff as I can relating to the Kings' Cup win. So far I've got a 5 different newspapers from June 12 that have stories about the Kings' win, the current Hockey News, THN Year in Pictures, Sportsnet Magazine and a LA Times commemorative book. I also intend to track down whatever season preview magazines and yearbooks/guides that have the Kings with the Cup on it.

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