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07-07-2012, 11:45 PM
Tony Wiseau
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Originally Posted by Paul Bunyan View Post
I actually really like the Reds, probably have that as #1, then the Green then White.

White to me is usually the most boring, they just never really cut it for me no matter what the team.

This is a good take. It was in another thread and I thought picking ONE high school team would probably anger most people, same with if they went with old school Minnesota Gophers jerseys over any of the other teams.

The Fighting Saints though I did think would be cool, love that sweater. I've got a picture of all three of the Carlsons autographed that their Mom gave me with them in those sweaters on my "Minnesota Sports Wall of Fame".

That would definitely be cool, and I'm sure they could get the rights. It should be the North Stars, I think we all know that, but if the WC is Minnesota/Dallas...what is Dallas going to go with? and they never gave the rights or history back (like the Browns) so they have those rights if I'm not mistaken.

Probably have to work something out. I just think if this team gets a WC, it's against Dallas so they can take our team and then tap into the Southern Market and have some type of jilted lover story to sell to casual fans.
I seriously want the North Stars as far away from the Winter Classic as possible. If they get realignment done, I'd love to see a Wild-Blues WC. Though I suspect it would be Wild-Blackhawks, which would be cool too, I guess. Certainly sexier.

Or they could do an old-time Norris matchup and get the Wild playing the Lightning.

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