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07-08-2012, 12:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I believe the Flyers were under the cap until they signed Shelley and Zherdev. The combined salaries of Shelley, Zherdev, and Walker accounted for most of his cap hit. Either way, the point still stands that he was a career Flyer that was reduced to a salary dump and shoved out the door.
Sequence is not the same as cause and effect. Defensive depth was the priority that summer, and Gagne was the casualty. It may not have been publicly confirmed at the time, but when Meszaros was signed the Flyers exit plan for Gagne was already put in motion. Zherdev was only brought in to replace him. Gagne eventually relented and waived his NTC for Tampa, but it was not the first time he had been asked.

Shelley had almost nothing to do with it.

Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
Coburn and Grossmann both made sure they were covered with no trade protection. The real test will be with the RFA's who are ineligible to receive them initially. Will a Giroux be willing to sign a long term deal at less than market value when he could be dumped at any time? I'm not as confident in him doing the team any favors as most people.
If it were allowed, my proposal in the OP wouldn't really be a favor. This summer may be the last chance for players to get extremely long term contracts. In a league with guaranteed contracts, that's what most players want. It would be a win for Giroux financially and a win for the Flyers competitively and cap-wise.

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