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07-08-2012, 01:07 AM
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Originally Posted by sycamore View Post
The rest of the country (er world) is sick of having the Red Sox and their Park shoved in our faces. You won your World Series, your curse is over, now no one cares, ok?
I see where you are coming from... As Massachusetts/Boston Metro Area native and a die hard Red Sox fan I honestly think its time to plan a new stadium. Thanks to this sellout streak and the fact the stadium has one of the lowest if not the lowest capacity in the MLB, the tickets in Fenway are so inflated its ****ing outrageous now.... Most of the people who go to the games and actually sit in decent seats don't know **** about the Sox or are just old money from the South Shore who just go their to be seen. Another problem is parking, I live really close to Fenway and could honestly walk or bike their, but the Sox don't have their own parking lot for the fans hence lost revenue. The last problem is the new Yankee Stadium. The new Yankee Stadium doesn't have as long as a sellout streak as Fenway but heck they have about 14k more capacity....

So I really get where you are coming from. Yes Fenway is old and has seen its fair share of history, but it also hinders the Sox and its fans too.

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