Thread: Proposal: Nino for Magnus
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07-08-2012, 01:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
Yeah I notice Nino going out as a valuable piece while Paajarvi is junk on this section of the boards and I couldn't figure out why.
Perhaps because he is a tad younger and hasn't been offered up by his own fan base in 10 thousand proposals within the last year

The other difference in the anamosity can probably be attributed to islanders (and most other fans) acknowledging that nino was subpar last year while the vast majority of oiled fans ignore his regression and subpar play last year and consider him an elite prospect still that holds value that he simply does not in reality, he may have once been on track with hall and eberle, but has quite clearly fallen way and I mean WAY behind them, and you can't base trade value on what was originally thought of a prospect.

Thats fine if he is still beloved by oiler fans but it doesn't mean teams value him like they would have if he didn't have that regressive year, nor should they. Nino has had less time to prove himself thus he is more valuable. Simple as that

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