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07-08-2012, 02:21 AM
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Yep. I always thought that those two were the reason that we couldn't have replay. I remember when the Aces played in Elmira, I didn't see a jumbotron or anything to show replay of some sort.

I remember game one of the 2009 finals between the Aces and the Stingrays. Aces scored a game tying goal with a minute to go. It crossed the line (I sit behind the net), but the goal judge didn't hit the light. Despite the players mobbing the ref to look at the jumbotron (showing that the puck crossed the line), the ref called it no goal. Stingrays won 4-3, and the crowd was about ready to kill the goal judge. He had to be escorted out of the arena from what I heard.

Some Aces fans are still mad about it because they say it cost us a Kelly Cup. Of course, we would have had to win the game in OT, but it still stings.

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