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07-08-2012, 03:10 AM
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TBH, I don't really like the 3 at the back lineup... I mean our problem isn't scoring goals, it is conceding them. I agree that Nesta is in a whole different category, but asides Arnaud, Zarek & Brovsky, I can't think of one winger we have on our squad that has a high defensive & offensive workrate.

With what is available for Jesse, 5(or 3, however you want to call it) at the back does not suite us. Here is why: Most of our players are wide man. Nyassi, Ubi, Neagle, Mapp, Arnaud etc, are all players that play on the flanks. Our 3 Central players are Bernier, Warner & Felipe. With 5(or 3) at the back, wide players aren't as necessry since you basically just need two wing backs (In our case Zarek & Arnaud), Jeb being the replacement if one is injured/tired. They will cover almost the whole sidelines. So that means most of our subs would first of all, not fit the tactical scheme, and therefore will be useless. Unless Marsch wants to change formations after only one sub to suite everyone, but that means one of Zarek,Matteo, Nelson or Alessandro would have to get subbed out during the game to move to a more traditional 4 back opening up room for wide players.

Really an interesting problem. Will be nice to see what Marsch does.

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