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07-08-2012, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by ginblossoms View Post
I was in a similar situation as you when I came back to DFW last fall. Turns out there's pretty decent pick-up roller hockey in Allen (sounds out of the way for you) most nights. Haven't gone in a while, but I used to go out on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday nights. Typically 1 or 2 goalies (sometimes 3) and anywhere from 8-15 skaters. For an outdoor rink, I found that the puck moved really well and didn't do more damage to my wheels than sportcourt. They've got a Facebook page ("Dallas Inline Roller Hockey"). Oh, and it's free.

As far as ice goes, I've been playing in an "I" (Instructional) league in Richardson for the last few months. If you can play okay on roller, you'll definitely fit in with most local I-leagues. If you're more advanced, you could probably get away playing in a "D" league. FYI, I've found that beer league designations are pretty consistent across all of the ice rinks in the DFW area (I, D, C, etc.). Biggest transition will be the skating (I still haven't gotten completely used to it). Next thing for me is the weight of the ice puck. You have to concentrate a little more when receiving passes. The puck will hit your stick but careen off and glide away from you.

Should you decide to do the ice thing, most rinks should have an individual sign-up process and put you on a team.

Regarding hockey bars, nothing specific comes to mind. One thing to try are bars/restaurants that are close to these ice rinks. It's common for beer leaguers to hang out at a nearby pub to catch a hockey game.
Awesome post! In these "I" leagues do they actually teach you how to skate? How much does the equipment run you? I would definitely be interested in that if everyone is a rookie and below.

Looks like there are some options for sure. Anyone on this board ever put a team together?

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