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07-08-2012, 05:00 AM
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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
I had to chime in... Many of you know that I'm a huge promoter of bringing the north stars name back. No our north stars franchises were never epicily great but there was a certain something with our old team. That name, that logo, those colors, the met center. We were something special. I was only 12 when the north stars left but it was like having my heart ripped out. I still.remember that we all got brought down to the lunch room to watch the met center be imploded, it was like being at a funeral! I was in 6th grade, and I remember people crying & weeping & consoling eachother as the arena fell... They may not have been the greatest team ever but they were our team & they were something special... I'll never forget when mike modano came & bumped my fist as a little kid when he was a rookie. It's a memory I still hold on to...

There was just something magical about our franchise, something that no matter how well the wild do, they'll never replicate... The north stars were just that perfect mix of something I can't even explain... Maybe I was little & I have a clouded memory but they were a fixture in the nhl & the way they demised was not fitting of their roots & until the wild can honor that heritage properly they'll never be fully at rest. The north stars deserve to be right there mentioned with the roots of hockey & they didn't get their fair nod & call me an old timer or a purist but until the day that the wild can don a north stars jersey even if just for a winter classic, ill forever feel that a piece of Minnesota sports history was never properly put to rest. We are & forever Will be the north star state & that name & logo & colors belongs with us. We may be the wild for the rest of our exsistence but we should reserve the right to take the ice as the north stars for eternity when we feel like it. its just part of the history of our state & the game of hockey. Maybe we are a completely different team & franchise but the way that team is remembered & honored should be in our hands & not the state of texas's or the leagues.. they were our heritage & I don't believe they were ever given a proper goodbye or honoring, its more like they were forgotten & brushed away by Dallas & the leagues..

All just imo of coarse but I want the north stars & wild franchises to be more interconnected than they are now.. maybe its a different franchise its our roots in pro hockey & they should be as one when it comes to Minnesota pro hockey, and I want the past & present to me remebered & honored equally. Long live the north stars & go wild!

All I ask is to not let that great name, logo & jersey die & rot in Texas. Just like the new winnipeg jets are now, the north stars should be intertwined with the wild to be ours completely moving forward.. again just imo, but the history that lies with the north stars is just to great to be ignored & forgotten with a Dallas franchise that chooses to act like we never exsisted.. "founded in 1993" my ass...
Well said Se7en, just like Dallas tried to erase us from history, some of our younger fans here would just as soon do the same. Such a pity.

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