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Originally Posted by a79krgm View Post
As a STH for both franchises I would say that the Wild have already broken out of the North Stars shadow -- which I never thought it would be all that hard to. The Wild as an organization is much better run now than the North Stars ever were. However, I would also say that today's NHL is a far more friendly place to grow a franchise then it was back on the 60's and 70's so the North Stars deserve a lot of credit for selling the NHL to this community. In this sense the Wild have mostly built onto a foundation that the North Stars created.

The REAL test for the Wild will be in the future (hopefully far into it) when the Xcel Center will no longer be seen as "fit" home for the franchise. At that time will the Wild have enough influence here to get a new arena constructed? The key for the Wild will be to maintain fan support and strong ownership to act as a repellant against carpet baggers like Norm Greed from stepping into the picture.

Ditto, we were STH's for both and the Gophs.

I grew to love the Wild name. I think the name is pretty awesome actually. (not at first tho).

The red and green imo is horrible. They should change it to green and white with a tiny bit of red just for me

But I do love the Wild!

The difference for me, to this day was the era was so special, 1980' and Broten cemented my love for the NS's, I was a fan before that, but that 1980' Gold put me over the top for MN Hockey. To this day I have a Broten NS jersey I wear on special occasions only.

Odd, go to a Stars/Wild game and its probably the only game you'll see the home crowd wearing the jersey of the visiting team and rooting against that visiting team, I always thought thats just odd, in a cool-unique way.

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