Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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07-08-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Blame it on PK View Post
About 100,000 to 200,000. 300,000 max. But see, if he's a problem, the action to take is simply not signing him at all.

I'd say he'd be good for 3-5 extra points based on improving workplace satisfaction, by serving as a catalyst to improve others' performance.

Prust, on the whole, when taking account his penalty killing, willingness to scrap, and being a good forechecker who can provide some supplementary scoring, might assist in acquiring 10 extra points.

As I see it, most of Prust's overpayment is due to teams simply having more money to toss around and hence can "overpay" without large penalty. Plus, Montreal has to sweeten the deal moreso than other team because the player is seeing less after-tax income there than elsewhere.
10 points?! As a 10% contributor on a 100pt team, 6mil on the open market would seem reasonable. Nope, way off.

Sorry to be a jerk, but my questions were rhetorical. There is no way for the Habs or anyone else to know how much Prust's "happiness quotient" will contribute to winning games. The Rangers, who certainly know Prust's character better than the Habs, decided that he doesn't produce $1mil more team happiness than Taylor Pyatt.

The whole debate is silly. Most hockey players seem like good guys. Especially depth players, whose pleasant demeanor probably helped them get a shot in the NHL in the first place. We're not choosing between Prust and Avery.

As for the Habs having to overpay free agents because of the tax situation... yes, but not by this much. Like many teams, we've been able to find effective depth forwards at bargain prices in recent years. This time, we went with the one who had recently been in the 24/7 and playoff spotlight. We're not paying for QC taxes or for a winning smile, we're paying for fame.

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