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Originally Posted by rynryn View Post
rational analysis of the team from outside sources should never be unwelcome here. I'm still following burns so I have a natural interest in the Sharks. Our D is obviously (obvious to everyone, it seems) our biggest hole. What is the Sharks' most concerning deficiency?

Originally Posted by Iron Chef View Post
Thanks! I've always respected the Wild fanbase. My girlfriend and I are on a mission to see the Sharks play in every NHL arena, so we're hoping to make it to Xcel soon! Went to Minnesota (see I don't call it Minny) last Summer and got to try that juicy lucy at the 5-8. Hoping to try it at Matt's next time.

Here are my thoughts on my own team. I couldn't really pinpoint a "most concerning deficiency" but just a bunch of smaller things that add up to a big problem

- 3rd line is ugly looking right now because Winnik/Moore haven't been signed, which means that Handzus (a 2.5m pylon with an NMC) is centering that line as of now. Many Sharks fans believe that we need to go back to our 3 scoring line model which worked well when Pavelski was centering the 3rd line. Although, Pavs may not like that role as he just came off a career year on the 1st line.

- We really need to add wingers as we have many natural centers in our lineup.

- Niemi is a liability if he plays the way he did last season. I personally feel he'll have a better year.

- Now that Mitchy is gone, our team (overall) is even slower. We need to get a bit faster and perhaps younger. Im in strong favor of trading a great shutdown D like Douglas Murray away because hes too damn slow for our system. I think he'd be great with the Rangers or Islanders.

- Lastly, we need some players who play with more heart and passion. We have a team where many players look everywhere but in the mirror for the fire starter. I like the Burish signing and he sounds like he wants to be the player that does that.
You are my hero. Please post here more.

Originally Posted by LordFletcher View Post
I made a bet on Bavada a month ago on the Wild winning the Stanley Cup @ 75/1 odds. I never thought the Wild would win but I was counting on them getting ZP / Suter.... now that they have, they odds are at 20/1.... My gamble might have got me an extra $5500.... I still don't think they will win, but anything can happen.... All that I know is that I will be pissing my pants in the post season this year. Could be the best $100 I ever spent
Have $25 at 200/1 that Minnesota will win the Stanley Cup. If that happens, guess drinks are on us.

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