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07-08-2012, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TMLKesselftw View Post
Can we stop with the "Toronto has no assets" crap

In addition to Kessel and Gardiner, I'm sure the Blues would be interested in other players such as: Phaneuf, Rielly, Kadri, Grabovski, Kulimen, Gunnarson, Lupul, etc. Every team in the league has valuable assets, so can we stop saying Toronto doesn't?
It has nothing to do with if your organization has any assets or not. It has to do with what the team you are dealing with needs. And do you have what they need or desire to have on their team. As it has been said before #1 center and #2 LHD dman to partner with Petro, those would be the needs of the Blues. Now I get that someone may think that you have that, but the Blues do not think you have those pieces. Hence the denial every time that you guys keep trying to pawn off Gunnarson onto the Blues. Personally, I am so sick of the actually crap offers that keep sending Gunnarson over to St. Louis. Here is an idea, if we, as a a fan base, have said no to a certain player before. Don't try to keep forcing him down our throats. We have said no to Gunnarson before and apparently we have to say it again.

At this time, we make HORRIBLE trading partners!!

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