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Originally Posted by jd2210 View Post
Overall some interesting info. A few things though: 1- I thought that Johnston was going to play with the Phantoms and that the reason his contract was so high was to keep him from going to Union. 2- Mangene spent half of the season on D and half as a forward. The article is suggesting the Flyers are the ones that came up with the idea of him being a forward. 3- I don't think I agree with the idea about Noebels being held out because they think he'll make the Flyers. Rinaldo was in prospect camp last year, Parent was there when he had already played a bunch of NHL games, Manning will be there and so on.

Of the invitees Clapperton and Fyten intrigue me the most.
1. If Johnston is not on the Phantoms he'll be in the ECHL, either way he'll turn pro this year.
2. Yeah the author does make it sound like the flyers came up with the idea of giving him a shot at forward which is not at all the case. do happen to know what position Mangene played before last season?
3. Yeah that doesn't make sense to me either but the author comes right out and says its just speculation. No idea why he's not in camp though.

anyone know definitively what the goalie situation will look like in the AHL? I'm assuming Hovinen as the number 1 with Heeter backing him up but I haven't heard any new about when Hovinen will be coming over. I know Euroflyer tweeted a while back that Hovinen's agent said he would be getting hip surgery in the states and that he planned on staying here but that was a while ago and i haven't heard anything since.

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