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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
As far as Nash to the Rangers--Howson's painted himself into a corner. Taking anything significantly less than what he's demanded so far would be the equivalent of admitting defeat and would be tantamount to professional suicide. I don't think he's going to budge and pull the trigger on himself. He's been trying to force this deal to us since at least January and he's made 0 progress almost since day 1 and meanwhile Craig Patrick's giving him advice--John Davidson's waiting in the wings. OTOH Patrick seems to have this grudge against the Rangers going back 25 (?)--30(?) years while Slats for his part is just fine watching Howson twist in the wind. You want to win trades?--you don't budge or not very much. Market value is one thing--fair value more often than not is another. Then there are bargains. Usually market value means your paying the most or outbidding everyone else concerned. Those are ones you're more likely to lose. Slats has lost some deals in the past--but his track record of the last few years is real good. I don't see him budging especially if all his competitors are dropping out of the bidding.
Another thing to bear in mind, Maybe Nash doesn't even want to leave Columbus. That he has essentially made a un winnable situation for Howson that it forces ownership to fire him.

I would assume that if Nash is not traded and Howson is let go in the process, the GM replacing him will be given the task to try to keep Nash around.

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