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Originally Posted by Dugray View Post
Well, I made a post for the Spring Season so I figured I'd make one for the recently started summer season (even though only one person bothered posting in it). Summer Anime are usually pretty terrible so I figured I'd highlight a couple that are interesting and or just completely weird as ****.

So without further ado.

Sword Art Online

Quick Summary: Sword Art Online is the most in demand MMORPG ever created, utilizing Virtual Reality technology you are transported into this gorgeous world. With only 10,000 copies created, only 10,000 players will get the chance to play. However, upon release the log out option has been removed from the game. The creator of the game is now in control and has made this world one of real danger as dying in the game means death in the real world. Attempting to remove the virtual reality headgear also means death. The only way out is to clear the 100 levels of the games dungeon. 1 Month after release, 2,000 players are now dead, and the first level has not been cleared.
It's funny how everything in anime is serious business. And you can die or suffer a life-threatening injury from the most mundane activities.

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