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07-08-2012, 03:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Machinae View Post
Are Blues fans possibly the most ******** of all the fan bases? Holy cow it's like OP insulted their mothers or something with the proposal.

Unfortunately instead of peacefully discussing trade proposals it has devolved into senseless and unfair bashing.

One Leaf fan made an unfair/uneducated/bad proposal? The whole fan base is terrible, there are zero assets on the Leafs, all of their players are pure trash, etc etc.

BTW, you guys are just as clueless about Leaf players as Leaf fans are clueless about Blues players. It's kinda how these things work most of the time, so get over it.
So you feel that people are generalizing too much so you follow it up with a generalization?

You want a "peaceful" discussion and you suggest our fan base is ********?

Then you follow it up with ignorance stating we're clueless?

If you want to vent, it'd be safer in a Leafs forum where your illogical thinking was supported.

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