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07-08-2012, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
I get the feeling that most feel Etem will end up being a better player than Palmieri but they put Kyle above because he's closer to the NHL. If that's the criteria Devo is clearly our top prospect. But our best prospect is someone who has the most potential and I feel Etem clearly has that over Palmieri.

Having said that I voted for Vatanen. A right-handed D-man who can skate like him and put up numbers like he has are rare.
I also feel that Etem could end up being 30-40 goal scoring first liner if all goes well, while Palmieri could be 20-30 goal scoring 1-2 liner. However, Palmieri is closer to his potential and more likely to get there than Etem is to his potential. DSP is basically a sure Duck player but his potential is something like 15-20 goals as a 2nd or 3rd liner.

Palmieri, Etem, Vatanen, DSP, Holland, Gibson, Lindholm... They are all great prospects and they all have huge potentials, differences are very minimal.

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