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07-08-2012, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Lupes View Post
Lol, do people realize that Connolly is only signed till this year, why in the world would we take on a bad salary on a longer term like Lecavlier, just so we can get off one bad contract for one year?
Because one of these guys is an all-star, and one is Brian Burkes temporary excuse for not getting a #1 Center. Which fooled the fans for long enough to keep them from getting suspicious.
Originally Posted by Lupes View Post
People can laugh they want but this would be bad deal for Toronto considering all the factors(contact, cap-hit, age) even if Lecavlier would easily be our best C. I think I speak for all logicl Leafs fans when I say we had rather have Connolly on one year contract worth of 4 mil than Lecavlier's contract at near 8 mil for next decade.

Bad deal for Toronto while Tampa would be saving cap-space and opening up a roster spot on the 2nd line C position.
Oh yeah, because Toronto really needs that cap space. So they can sign more all-star players, right? like... um... that guy... uh... who'd they sign... oh yeah, Connolly! And... Lombardi... Armstrong... and Komisarek. Yeah you need more cap space for sure.

Originally Posted by harro92 View Post
What would even it out ?
from fans' perspectives? nothing, because either side holds different values. From a GM's perspective? Realistically, Gardiner and a 1st and take out the salary dump heading towards TB.
Originally Posted by grabo84 View Post
Maybe, but I'd be very nervous about trading for Vinny, especially going into a new CBA.
This doesn't even make sense - the only thing that could come out of the new CBA talks is a possible 1-time buy-out clause or something like that. It couldn't make his contract any worse - the current CBA makes the contract as bad as it could be right now. The new CBA means there is more enticement to take on a great player with a questionable contract.

Originally Posted by IdealisticSniper View Post
Odd. Most everyone is praising Minnesota for signing Parise for 13 more years at basically the same hit, for the same production.

Since the lockout:
Player A: .816 Points Per Game
Player B: .961 Points Per Game

damn you and your logic! but wait, if i plug my ears and continue to say nonsense, i don't have to register what you say, right?

Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
no thanks don't want a guy with 8 years left a 7.7 million dollar cap hit sand steadily declining production.
Ah, there it is. It's bliss, I tell you.

Originally Posted by Loto View Post
I'd rather the Leafs go after Getzlaf and Perry next summer then to take on Vinny's contract.
Oh, I don't know if you should do either of these teams such an immense favour. But just for kicks, what would Anaheim have to add to the deal for you to consider taking one of these two cap-dumps?

Notice who started this thread. It was a Toronto fan. Basically saying "give me your star player for my trash". And then the rest of their fanbase proceed to bash your player and/or team.

Why would they engage in this primitive ritual? It's about trying to boost their self-esteem. You see, TB is full of star players and has been to the conference finals a couple years ago. The Leafs have exactly one star player - and he's 1-dimensional and soft - and he cost the team 2 true star players. And the team has been to any round of the playoffs exactly 0 times since the lockout.

Star players get your team into the playoffs. It's that simple. In other words, good players make you win.

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