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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Give me a break. Canada does not know tech. End of Story. Nortel and now this. Canada waits for govt handouts while Silicon Valley is full of go getters. You need to admit that it's over.
Really? Your own article from the globe says otherwise. It looks like there is some great start-ups but it is more the lack of venture capital preventing them from growing or the quick cash of selling out early to a foreign company that seems to be some of the major issues. Unfortunately that is what happens when you have a good 'ole Alberta boy like Stephen Harper in power. He is more interested in selling off all the natural resources he can to make his buddies, and himself, rich at the expense of the environment and other more sustainable and "Eastern" part of the economy.

RIM, like Nortel, where the cause of their own demise. Complacency is not something you can have when running a business, especially when that involves anything related to technology. I still am holding out a little hope for BB10 to help their sagging fortunes but a lot of my previous hope was with an October release. I do know they are working double time as it seems here in Ottawa they have pretty much cancelled all vacation for the staff working on the OS for the summer and are even working 6 day work weeks to get it done, and done right....time will tell as I have been saying.


Canada does not know tech but another young start-up bought for $70M...again the problem seems to be people selling out early for big paydays.

GoInstant writes software that allows users to share their web-browsing experience and collaborate over the internet in real time — whether with people in the same room or on the other side of the world. The company, founded in 2010, raised $1.7 million in seed financing and began operations in 2011.

The firm was bought by, a provider of enterprise cloud computing applications that Forbes magazine has called the most innovative company in the world.

“The GoInstant team has built incredibly sophisticated technology," Salesforce co-founder Parker Harris said in a release. "We will help them scale and grow so that social enterprises everywhere can engage with and delight customers in totally new ways.”

The Wall Street Journal reported that the tech giant paid more than $70 million US for GoInstant.

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