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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
.... So our 21 year old second year second line center puts up 51 points and he's bailed on us? WTF are you smoking? ...
Yes. I was hugely disappointed in Stepan. We rate this guy like he's Jeff Skinner, but he's nowhere near that good. He has great intangibles for puck distribution, that's it so far. I hope for everyone's sake he improves, but IMO, that's the truth so far.

You're trading the rights to JAM after Columbus just signed him to a 3 year ELC?
Okay, I missed that they literally JUST signed him. On that, I stand corrected. In my defense, that they signed him is indication they would have gone for him as asset in this deal.

Trading our backup goalie who we just signed?
Our backup G is a nice luxury at 1.3m, so if we can get real value, if not a premium, in trade for him, we do it. Cam Talbot is good enough for backup, and breaking him in now is fine. Hank will play most games, including the tougher ones, so it shouldn't be a problem, and if it is, in an extreme case we can look at a veteran later. IMO, the risk of this happening is less than him developing well as a backup.

Making 10 players trades...
How many not a big deal as long as there is is enough upgrade to justify any decrease in depth, assuming to extent of decrease.

--trading away at least half if not two thirds of our prospect depth
? This exaggeration focuses on who is going out, not who is coming back. We are stacked up w/extra D, if we choose to move one/or two at some point, sure we can get extra depth for him/them.

Gernat and Marancin are blue chippers, and my proposal obtains at a discount in their ascending value. They will do well with their counterparts Ceresniak and Noreau. I would rather have two of Gernat and Marancin then four of some generic counterpart.

Center depth--Richards--Anisimov-Miller (you sure he's ready?)-Haley? Looks a little shabby.
THIS is a fair and reasonable criticism.
However, it is a price I would pay again and again for the upgrades that come with it.
I believe McNeil is a W. If we are thin, we can redeploy the quality asset of a McNeil to get us a good C if necessary, though I don't expect it to be necessary.

With it apparent that Preds may have to consider moving Weber, there is an impulse to hold back Girardi in case a direct upgrade is available, although I am not confident that will be the case as the price to us for Weber should only be 1 yr rental, and that will not likely be the case (more likely Edmonton + Vancouver will directly have bid at higher rate [re-sign not just 1 yr rental]).

However, to address your C depth concerns, if we had enough extra Ds, we could theoretically do something like basically Girardi for Sharp w/Chicago.

PS -- you did not acknowledge that this radical multistep plan get us enough extra firepower to have hope of not losing to likes of Pens.

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