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Originally Posted by MarcWagz View Post
so after all the movement and such there isn't much difference between the teams position at the AS break compared to last year.
except half the pitchers are out with injuries.
i don't hold out much hope for these blue jays, I think they are leading people on with smoke and mirrors.
Bautista is still the best around though.
You really need to follow a season closely to realize just how good things actually have been. Many fans understood this as more of a growing season with a chance at the post season more than we are ready to compete now. Before the season really even got going we lost Litsch/McGowan and Santos. That's our closer one of two long arms and our 5th starter. That's a big loss. Our offence started the season very slowly and our pitching started very strong. When our bats picked up our arms slowed down and started to struggle. We then lost 3 more starting pitchers. We had 3 pitchers throwing it what could have been their first full season in the majors. That's insane and they still did well. I can illustrate some of the positives from the season so far for you.

Rasmus has found his game again and has been lights out good for us.

Lawrie has taken on the role of leadoff hitter and has been hitting great there. His defence is also proving much better than we could have hoped for.

EE is having a break out season and took the role of 1B from Lind and has looked very good there when he needed to be.

Lind struggled badly to start the season and was demoted to AAA. Since his return he is hitting like his silver slugger year. That's a very very good thing.

Jose started to season horrible hitting under .200 for a good long while with no power. He's now on pace for another huge hr season and broke a jays record for hr's in a month in June

Morrow after a rough year last year has looked like our ace this year and has pitched unbelievably.

Hutchinson/Alvarez Both have shown they are major league pitchers and very good ones at that. Drabek started like the pitcher we all hoped he would be but tailed off badly before his injury

Jansen took a closer role that no one could hold down after the loss of Santos and has been insane great and hasn't blown a save yet in I believe 13 tries now. That's great.

Gomes and Cooper both came up and proved they can be big leaguers. Gomes IMO will be playing off the bench next year.

Oliver has been lights out as well out of the pen and a great signing.

CV/Laffey have been saviours to our bullpen pitching well on an emergency basis in a starters role for the jays.

Frasor started the season poorly but has come back to what were use to seeing from him

Now it's not all great and sunny.

Romero is having a horrible season and looks very from the ace of any team.

Yunel is having a tough year at the bat

JP still strikeouts out a ton and hasn't really progressed offensively or defensively IMO

Thames lost his ability to hit and is back in AAA and Snider was hurt when it happened and lost the chance to be called up like most believed he would have been. (Davis has been pretty good in their absence however)

Drabek as previously stated started walking a ton of batters again and was likely on his way to a demotion.

Cordero who should have been solid depth as protection against injury to Santos has been a miserable failure.

We are a team in transition that will go through growing pains. It isn't a finished project but one that looks to have a nice future ahead of it. Our pitching depth is years away but we have some good guys pretty close to ready positionally that should help the team themselves or to get us more pieces to fill out the puzzle. It's a waiting game now.

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