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07-08-2012, 07:34 PM
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The Rangers don't need Rick Nash to win a Cup. They won't win a Cup next year if they subtract Dubinsky and Stepan to get him.

The young Rangers were too dependent on Richards and Gaborik last postseason. Understandably so, but if I'm a young player, it might make you play cautiously.

The team has grown up, and they're going to be a little older and smarter heading into next season's playoffs. Sure, the same was said for playoff flameouts like Washington and San Jose, but it was also said for Chicago, Pittsburgh and Boston.

Steve Larmer had a tremendous impact on the 1994 team. He was durable, he was highly intelligent and he was a leader. He came to the Rangers early in the season, and right off the bat, Messier and Keenan told him to be himself. IMO Larmer kept that team together as much as Messier.

You need guys who were leaders on other teams. Sometimes it doesnt work, but look at LA -- Richards, for all his faults, was a leader (probably one of the best in the sport). Brown is a leader. Stoll is a leader.

Don't look at Shane Doan for his age, cap hit and production. Look at him as a "glue guy". I even go one further and add Brendan Morrow at the deadline. These guys are not castoff "grinders". They're leaders...the kind of guys the younger players can look up to and be motivated by.

Screw Nash. He's a very good player, but does anyone see him as the kind of guy to carry the team when asked?

This team is very close. Very, very close. No need to knock them off course at all.

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