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Originally Posted by Ryker View Post
No, no, especially not a great amount of people here on the boards posting CapGeek lineups and talking about it as if it's a sure thing for months before the season even ended
You do not know the difference between "hope" and "expectation".

Many Flyers fans hoped we could land Parise or Suter, but again, hardly anyone actually expected us to sign either of them.

And could you please find me one post from a person who thought "it's a sure thing for months before the season even ended". Because I never saw one person say anything even remotely close to that...

Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Injuries are part of the game. Every player has been or is hurt by the end of the season. Timonen probably should have sat out a few more games as he was wearing out (and then for hurt again) in the playoffs.
I dont understand your point.

Salo is almost a guarantee to get injured each year, and he is guaranteed to play games at significantly less than 100%.

What does Timonen have to do with that?

Also, for the record, "hurt" and "injured" are not the same. Timonen is often "hurt"-- Salo is often "injured".

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