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Ok I just posted this in another thread but it's relevant here to..

The last 41 regular season games Stastny scored 33 points, that's a .805 PPG% (66 pts over 82 games).

In the Worlds? 9 points in 8 games played..

The trend? Better wingers..

In all honesty I don't think he will be traded (if at all) until the deadline next season because he is showing signs of resurgence. At that point we will also know more about how ready Duchene & O'Reilly are as well as potentially having had Stastny's value rise back up.

So yeah.. Avs fans may be asking for overpayment at this point but we have a reason to ask for overpayment and absolutely NO REASON to take anything less. Especially at this point..

So unless a team offers quality not quantity it's not happening and your not getting a favorable response from a single Avs fan unless that happens.

Edit : I also don't know how many times I need to mention this.. Beyond what you think Stastny's value is, it's a sellers market when it comes to top 6 centers. Who else is even remotely available? Getzlaf? Yeah right.. And everyone else has already been moved or signed..

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