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07-08-2012, 08:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
Are you out of your f%$#ing mind?!?!?! I may get a reprimand for this, but you need to seriously stop posting some of the dumbest most worthless comments and trades on HFB I have ever seen. Did you notice how quickly someone from the other side agreed to the trade? Don't you think it is because the offer is so asinine that any idiot in his right mind wouldn't make it?

The Habs would not, and will not, make any kind of trade like that. Do you have any clue how valuable and necessary Markov is to our team? He finally looks to be healthy and you want to give him away?

Please, stop posting.
I think this is a little bit over the top, especially the bolded part.

Dallas fans have been shopping Morrow, and while he represents a substantial risk, Markov represents a bigger risk IMO given his longer contract, higher salary, and worse recent health.

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