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Originally Posted by CodeBlue View Post
And somehow that justifies tarring all Leafs fans with the same brush? Not saying you think that, but clearly other Avs fans are delusional enough to believe it's ok.
And somehow this justifies you coming in and acting like a lot of your fellow fans don't make absurd trade suggestions, only to turn around and take a dump on the player and fans of the player/team they were looking to acquire?

It happens. A lot. Particularly from a select few franchises.

Avs fans have had to put up with what I'd estimate to be 24+ Stastny to Toronto threads that span tens of pages for almost two years now, just with leafs fans. Excluding other fans.

It's always the same trashy recommendations. I've actually never seen a sensible suggestion from a Leafs fan until a couple posters brought up Phaneuf in here, before it was the same old "Stastny has been sucking for awhile, Phaneuf > Stastny AINEC".

So before you attack us back, take a look in the mirror. If you're not contributing to the thread, what are you doing calling the kettle black by attacking us? Hmmm?

The best and most reasonable offer remains at Phaneuf + change for Stastny, I just don't think it makes logical sense for our club because of the type of player Phaneuf is, not because he isn't good enough or fair value. Most Avs fans actually said that same thing too.

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