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07-08-2012, 10:00 PM
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Originally Posted by 19sens11 View Post
Not sure what Methot's ice time has to do with my post. Anyway, it was high enough as you pointed out, was it supposed to be a reason for his low point totals or something?

Anyway #2, Methot is significantly worse than Kuba offensively, numbers and career numbers speak for themselves. Kuba may not be a natural PP QB, but he had a 35+ point pace, which is significantly better than Methot, but also significantly better than Gilroy who you felt the need to bring up for some reason.

Kuba is a decent PP option. Now both Phillips and Cowen will get PP time, one of them likely on the 1st unit. Ouch. Not looking forward to that unless Cowen learns how to use his big shot.

Remember when the D was too defensive D-man heavy? Those days were not fun.
While the offense from the D won't be as strong as this season past, there really is no need to think it will be like 2009 when Kuba and Campolli lead the team in D pts. We do have Karlsson and Gonchar, so we're certainly not devoid of puck movement, we just became more balanced.

We do have the option of putting a 4th forward on the 1st line PP if some combination of Cowen/Phillips can't cut it.

Not to mention sacrificing Foligno for this D-corps downgrade.

Also, it's not emotion. If Methot was a legit first pair D, no way would I be sad. I liked Foligno but it wasn't a man crush. I don't know what kind of value he held, but if this was it, he should have been kept.
Someone already mentioned it, but if Methot was a known legit 1st pairing D, Murray would have just made one of the biggest steals in a while. The value of Foligno for Methot is fair, nobody really stole this deal, it was just two teams trying to fix their perceived organizational needs.

People are saying your valuation is emotional because your making it out like Methot is a 6/7 D-man, which he is clearly not.

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