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Originally Posted by Grant123 View Post
Not trying to rile you up, honest question. You point out Statsny plays better when he has quality wingers which I believe to be true. What is Avs management like? Will they keep all 3 centers until they can determine who to keep for the future/keep all 3 resulting in so so wingers for everyone, or is there a chance that since Statsny plays much better with quality wingers that they will move either ROR or Duchene now for better winger help now?

Actually asking this, not trying to get Duchene or ROR since if you want wingers Toronto can help, but can't provide the quality you truly want, I was more thinking something like ROR or Duchene for Bobby Ryan type of trade.

Edit: Reading through what I wrote I find it a little confusing, I hope you understand what I'm asking haha.
O'Reilly and Duchene are the golden children essentially. Sherman's first two draft picks and both have potential through the roof. O'Reilly could be our captain (or "co-captain" with Landeskog) and Duchene could be a P/G goal scoring dynamic #1 center.

Stastny is kind of the inbetween of the two players. The elder statesman of the sort that ensures if one is having a rough game/season, we've always got two effective centers to lean on. He can play anywhere on the ice (ES, PP, PK) and get results, he just needs effective wingers to satisfy the points-hungry fans of other teams.

He's always been a ridiculously skilled playmaking center, threading passes that have no business making it to his teammates, but he's only had so-so linemates ever since Stewie went down to injury and was traded. McGinn/Jones finally click with him.

We'll evaluate the roster next season and may, I repeat MAY move him at the deadline if a top pairing defender is located to trade for on the market. Rumors are Sherman will only move him if it is a hockey deal (i.e. EJ trade).

I fully expect us to keep those 3 together for at least another few years if Sherman trusts Staz to re-sign at a lower cap hit and just search for wingers to play with them all over the years until we run into a Staal-like problem. We shift ice time around to all 3 lines enough that none of them get the short end of the stick in that regards.

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