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07-08-2012, 10:37 PM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfreak7 View Post
Oh, stop acting like you're the only person who watches Semin play. I live not far at all from you and my parents have had season tickets to the Caps for years.

You are no authority on classifying a player as "lazy". Does he have consistency issues? Absolutely. But for you to simply chalk it up to being just another lazy Russian IS resorting to established stereotypes. It's pathetic.

Again, I'll ask-- why dont you classify Carter as lazy? He has the exact same issues with consistency and scoring goals in bunches.
The difference is Carter wasn't floating around or giving up on plays nonstop like Semin does. When Semin goes into his funks, he is visibly lazy on the ice. Watching guys like Gagne and Carter try to score during slumps I got the vibe most of the time that they just weren't getting breaks; effort was there. Watching Semin during his slumps it isn't unusual at all to think he's just slacking off based on what he's doing on the ice; he isn't getting breaks because he isn't doing anything to earn them in the first place. Why do you think former teammates called him out for his work ethic? Why do you think they were so frustrated with him?

This has nothing to do with ****ing stereotypes, so I'd kindly appreciate it if you'd stop spewing that garbage. This is about what I've observed.

Edit: Another example: OV. That's a guy who even when he's scoring is still very clearly putting forth the effort. That is certainly not the case with Semin during many of his slumps...especially last season, under two different coaches no less.

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