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Originally Posted by Grant123 View Post
I was wondering about that a little. I know money can cap hit wasn't the issue in Pitts, but it is still in the back of my mind. But thinking about it now you probably won't run into the cap hit problem since you don't have Malkin + Crosby, you would be able to get some good wingers. I get the feeling though that if you want 6 quality wingers for the 3 centers, you will have to continue to develop great talent like Landeskog. Good luck, Colorado dynasty may be coming back
(Trading a center for Ryan has been discussed with mixed reviews, personally I would do it but not everyone feels the same way.)

It would be nice to find at least one more top line worthy winger like Landeskog but management (Sherman & CO) seem to be able to find guys like McGinn that have not completely blossomed yet.

Downie even seems to have shown that he has another level between his production during Tampa's playoff run and after he was traded.

So Landeskog, PAP, McGinn, Downie, Jones give us a set of wingers that may not be all stars but at the same time.. Each one is fairly fast (McGinn is the fastest). Four of those 5 average 100+ hits a season (Jones being the exception at around 80.). And all of them can score 20 or more goals.

Edit: I am adding this just because it's interesting.. We have a lot more size and grit than people think now.

Landeskog 6'1" 204lbs 210 hits

McGinn 6'1" 210lbs 159 hits

Jones 6'2" 210lbs 85 hits (72GP)

PAP 6'0" 193lbs 99 hits (80GP)

Downie 5'11" 191 105 hits (75GP)

It's kind of like.. Skill down the middle and more of a blue collar balance between skill and grit down the wings. Which I think is going to be fairly effective..

We may not have the pure size that LA does but our forwards will be/are deeper in terms of pure skill as well as being physical.

If EJ & Varly can develop more and Stastny can return to form our roster actually has the potential to be effective in a similar way.

Kind of a cross between LA & Pitt, Pitt being high skill and LA being more blue collar and physical. I think we will fall somewhere in the middle.

Obviously that's going to take at least another full season of development though to know for sure.

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