Thread: Proposal: Give Gomez one last chance?
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07-08-2012, 09:56 PM
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Call me crazy, but there's a lots of reason for Gomez to be back. Even if it turns out a mistake. As bad as Gomez has been, no one can argue these facts :

With Pleky and Gomez as top 6 forward, the habs finish 8th and 6th.
They've reached the 3rd round and almost beat the champions the next year
And they had one of the best powerplay in the league

With, DD and Pleky as top 6 forward...15th and no playoff.
And one of the worst powerplay in the league

Gomez played 2 years mostly with Gionta
Gionta scored 28 and 29 goals

Pouliot scored 15 goals 39 games with Gomez
Pacioretty scored 14 goals in 37 games with Gomez

I don't think it's fair to say that Gomez can't help a team.....players around him produced really well. And the end result was way better than what we got last year.

There's also the fact that 2 ex-habs player came out to defend Gomez publicly. Gill and Spacek said that the system they used was the worst for a guy like Gomez. With a new system, who knows, mayby Gomez will revive.

Gomez had 6 straight seasons with more than 58 points before the fatal season of 2010-2011.....

Chemistry is a big part of the game......Gomez and Gionta always had that chemistry, put a good players with them and it will probably work, as it always did in the past.
Gionta can't play with DD, too small...can't seem to find chemistry with Plekanec.

Bergevin is a new DG in the league, and that's the kind of move you might not wanna do in your first 6 months on the job.

Even with all that, I don't want to see Gomez again with the team. But if it happens, i'd understand why....but still, i would think it's a mistake.

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