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12-01-2003, 10:22 AM
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Originally Posted by ReggieMoto
I asked this question in another thread on this board but it hasn't taken a hit yet, so let me ask here.

Back here in Monarch's country, we here that LA isn't too impressed or happy with Corvo and that he's going to be (or is being) positioned as trade bait. Why do you suppose he wasn't put into the trade instead of Anshankov or Strbak? Is it lack of experience? Are the rumors we here unfounded? Something else?


corvo is 2x what strbak has shown to be. corvo at least has shown signs of being an offensive defenseman and is somewhat decent on the back. LA isn't thrilled about corvo's play so far, but they aren't unhappy either. i think he's fine as he is, whereas strbak was a healthy scratch. so you tell me, what would you rather trade? someone on the roster or someone who's a healthy scratch.

one of the reasons this trade was seen as a success was the fact that we didn't trade a roster player. trading corvo woulda been a big mistake in my opinion.

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